Taqueria La Veracruzana

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inexpensive April, 2004 3

908 Washington Ave.
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 465-1440

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I don't officially count decor in my restaurant reviews, but I think this spot might have lost a fork just for the amazingly harsh florescent lighting and godawful paintjob. It's a little tough to concentrate on your food with the glaringly annoying environs.

But then again, I really ought to toss in a few forks just for the admirable hours they keep: 7am to midnight, 7 days a week.

The basic decor is perfectly appropriate to the vibe here, it's a basic taco joint, with very good simple food. You can get excellent tacos: two soft corn tortillas wrapped around beef, pork, chicken, chorizo or grilled steak. At two bucks a pop or $5 for three, it's an amazing deal for good freshly made food. The Carnitas (Roasted Pork) might be a bit fatty for some American palates, but otherwise these tacos are outstanding.

There are some more elaborate dinner specialties that come with rice and beans for about $10, such as a breaded chicken breast with ham and cheese, or a grilled steak with peppers and onions, fajitas, and the like. I had the "Choriqueso" which, as you might guess, featured chorizo sausage and cheese, some nuggets of beef and nopales (cactus). Wrap it up in some corn tortillas and you've got a nice basic dinner.

We saw some folks eating burritos that were larger than their heads ($6) and there are basic sandwiches for the same price.

There's a nice range of breakfast options, mostly eggs with stuff in them, but also Chilaquiles and enchiladas if you need something heartier.

These are good times in South Philly, not only are there the old standards, but finally several good Mexican places like this one, Plaza Garibaldi and La Lupe. Along with all the Vietnamese restaurants, the old-school Italian and the nouveau diners, this neighborhood is one of the most promising in the city.

So grab $5 and head down to Washington Ave for some great real tacos, you'll never eat fast-food Mexican again.

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