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I realize it was breaking the flow of the reviews to translate all the nicknames in the body of the text, or somewhat frustrating to leave them unexplained.


So, at last, here's the key, the magic decoder ring for the odd initials that represent my dining partners on philadining excursions. (And yes, they are all real people...)


DDP: Demonstrative Dining Partner.
It really is entertaining to eat with DDP: facial expressions, body language and exclamations of odd metaphors make any dinner an event, especially if there are bold and novel flavors involved. Occasionally identified as LNDP for Late Night Dining Partner...

CDP: Constant Dining Partner.
I suppose using such a title was bound to jinx it, and alas, CDP might have to be rechristened as FCDP, for "former".... Occasionally referred to as GDP for Grumpy Dining Partner, but not all that often, really!

PhDDP: Ph.D. Dining Partner
Now that wasn't all that difficult to figure out was it? Guys with degrees gotta eat too.

XXPDP: Ex-Expatriate Dining Partner
Now this is getting confusing, he's fled the country yet again, so I guess I need another X? or do I just revoke one of them...

UDTDP: Undiscovered Talent Dining Partner
She really is going to be a big star some day. You heard it here first.

PDP: Parental Dining Partner
OK, that one wasn't particularly imaginative.

PCDP: Pirate Captain Dining Partner
Would prefer all his food to be cooked in over a fire in a tire rim, but we sometimes get him to eat inside.

WTDP: World-Traveler Dining Partner
may be re-dubbed Soup-Loving Dining Partner, we'll see...

FDP: Fraternal Dining Partner
OK, not too creative. BTW I wasn't in a frat in college...

VDP: Vegetarian Dining Partner
I almost went with "seitanic dining partner" but it's too easy to mis-read...

MMDP: Monster Man Dining Partner
If you dine with a superhero, you can sit in a Pod... Sometimes referred to as

ADP: Animator Dining Partner

GSDP: Grease Stained Dining Partner
It's a compliment, really. The more stains the better.

SMFTMDP: Sommeliere For The Masses Dining Partner
Spreading the joy of the grape wherever she can...

AVDP: Audio Visual Dining Partner
He's trying to get out, really, but it just keeps sucking him back in....

BRDP: Buyer's Remorse Dining Partner
I haven't actually seen him send food back, but he's thinking about it....

GDP: Glurpy Dining Partner
it's kind of hard to define "glurp".

MDDP: Medical Doctor Dining Partner
He's moved away, but still drops by occasionally to eat unhealthy food.

NHDP: New Hampshire Dining Partner
A mysterious visitor from the north, who captivated us with odd tales and odder flutes.

AIDP: Authentic Italian Dining Partner
Look, he knows about Italian food, so don't try to put anything over on him, OK? And for god'ss sake don't cook the pasta too far, it's just going to piss him off!

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