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On the surface this is a basic, campus-area Indian restaurant. It has a buffet for lunch and dinner, and a fairly standard menu. It is housed in a former cheese-steak joint, and so it has a somewhat incongruous tile decor, and looks a bit like a diner from the outside.

But dig a little deeper, and one finds an excellent restaurant.

The buffet is very good, with a wide variety that should satisfy vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. It is refreshed frequently, and the quality of most things is close to what one would expect if ordering from the menu. Of course a few things just don't stand up to sitting on a steam table, but most of the curries do fine.

One thing that is worth ordering special is the hard-to-find Masala Dosa. These are occasionally on the buffet, but they are a pale shadow of their a-la-carte manifestation. Ordered fresh from the kitchen, they are huge rolled lentil crêpes, filled with potatoes, vegetables and spices.

There's no sense going through each of the available appetizers and entrees. The food is consistently high quality, so get whatever looks good.

If you are new to Indian food, and a little overwhelmed by the menu, get the buffet. It is labeled, so make a note of the things you like, and try them from the menu another time.

The buffet is about $10 for dinner. There are often coupons in the weekly papers, and sometimes a student discount.

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