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So how big a hurry are you in? If you have something to do later, if you are an impatient person by nature, if you are about to pass-out from hunger, you might want to go someplace else. But if you have a little patience, there is some fine food at the end of the wait.

I've come here mostly for breakfast, brunch really, on sundays, and I'm sure that this has contributed to my perception of there being a big wait. On weekends, there is always a long line (sign up on the list, wait out back) and then even when you make it in to a table, booth or counter stool, it's still going to be a while. That's OK though, the food is worth your patience, and there's only so fast that the small, open kitchen can go. And they are making real food, without many shortcuts, so sit back, enjoy some strong coffee, and breathe in the vibe.

The Morning Glory is patronized, and staffed, by an odd mix of South Philly arty bohemians and regular neighborhood folks. I always feel very under-tattooed in here. We've always had good service, in that hip, slacker kind of style.

You can get regular old breakfast stuff in here, and it's pretty good, due largely to the high-quality ingredients. Bacon and Eggs takes on an extra sheen because of the excellent bacon. The sage sausage tastes homemade, a juicy herby patty grilled on the flat-top. Pancakes are really great, just the right texture (and served with real maple syrup!) and loaded up with your choice of fresh fruits, or chocolate chips, or what the heck, throw them all in.

But most of the brunch stuff has a more original flair. The fritatas are really dense, and delicious: egg and cheese binding roasted peppers, potatoes and wilted greens, or ham and potatoes. The breakfast sandwich is a towering stack of foccacia, egg, cheese and meat, if you want it. My fave might be the breakfast pizza, the same focaccia layered with ham, egg, cheese and the magic ingredient that improves almost anything: caramelized onions.

There are more lunchy things too: salads, "sammiches" and even the occasional off-the-wall special, like the shrimp curry we saw recently. It all looks and smells good. I'm just always in the mood for breakfast, even though we sometimes don't get there until 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

I don't remember prices, but it's all pretty cheap. It might be a tick or two more expensive than the average diner fare, but it's about 500 times better, so get over it.

DDP and I have been here several times on weekdays and the waits are much shorter.

The last I checked, they had stopped serving dinners, but in case they start up again, go, they do a great job at that hour as well. We went down for dinner one thursday, and had a delightful meal that could have fed us for three days. We started with some excellent wild mushroom soup, creamy and herby and earthy. I think I licked the bowl. My entree featured an alarmingly large chicken breast, actually two of them, coated in a crust of good cheddar cheese. I have no idea how they grill a cheese-coated chicken breast without making a gooey mess, but they do, and what results is crunchy on the outside and very moist on the inside. I loved it. It came with an imposing mound of good mashed potatoes, nicely lumpy. I opted for spinach as a vegetable, and it is a thrill to get well-prepared fresh spinach, just barely wilted with some olive oil, garlic and salt.

DDP had a generous portion of Salmon. He really enjoyed the pure, Salmon flavor that came through in this clean preparation, a nice contrast to the usual too-fancy sauces that can overwhelm a tasty piece of fish.

For dessert we each had slices of a very odd tart that we still can't figure out. It had a decent crust, and lots of fresh fruit in a creamy, custardy base. The fruit was very intense, and a bit sour, and the drizzles of chocolate that should have countered that actually just sent the flavors spinning on the palate. It was weird. Not bad, just weird.

DDP used to go for dinner pretty often, and I've been a few times myself, and we especially like the "Blue Plate Special" that brings soup, a special entree and dessert for about $14. Everything tastes homemade, portions are huge, and the people are nice.

Anyway, I'm hoping they start dinners again. And on any given Sunday, you can probably find DDP and I loitering, forlorn, hungry, looking forward to some creative and delicious brunch concoctions.

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