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3/06 1 expensive Rittenhouse Hotel
210 West Rittenhouse
Philadelphia, PA 19103
everything... then more... eating for a couple days beforehand

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Despite some rave reviews, I haven't made it to Lacroix for dinner under the new regime. Chef Lacroix has been gone for some time, and the kitchen is now helmed by Matt Levin. Despite this major change in staffing and cuisine, recent reports from friends have indicated that the famed Sunday Brunch has remained pretty much the same.

Hotel restaurant brunches are something of a cliché, and even the swanky, luxe ones in pricey hotels usually fail to thrill, despite their steep price tags. But the Lacroix brunch is an exception, actually worth the significant price ($65 at the time of this visit) offering unending extravagance ranging from an extensive raw bar, to elaborate hors d'oeuvres, to roasts and other hot dishes served in the active kitchen, so a decadent dessert selection. The offerings will change on any given day, and these photos are from some time ago, but the current offerings are along the same lines.


Worth the splurge.


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